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Road and air transport from England to Italy
Security is of absolute importance to our customers and to CITL in terms of No damage to goods in transit.
We insist on secure parking at all times. Boxes are sealed on loading to ensure that those goods that are sent are those that arrive and are signed for. In addition to seals all vehicles are secured by high security locks.

All vehicles are controlled by state of the art satellite tracking and communications equipment. From loading till delivery there is a driver looking after your goods 100% of the time.

Double manned vehicles are supplied if required.

Load Lok Restraining bars and hanging bars are fitted as standard.
Transit times
Transit times are often of equal importance as security
Once loaded, other than for the necessary drivers rest periods the vehicles take the shortest and quickest routes. See table below for driving times

If necessary the demountable box bodies can be swapped with another vehicle to ensure almost continuous movement. This can relieve transit times by 50%
Computers and TV's Electrical Equipment Telephone Systems
Womens apparel Hanging garments Shoes
Boxed Garments Cosmetics & Perfumes Plastic Products
Gardening Equipment Furniture High value Cars
Fork lifts Motor parts Cakes and Biscuits
 Exhibition equipment Computer Games consoles/DVD.s Groupage
Examples of driver’s standard transit times Driving Hours
•  London Milan 20 hours
 Birmingham Verona 25 hours
•  Manchester Prato 28 hours
•  Cardiff - Rome 32 hours
•  Newcastle Naples 40 hours
•  Birmingham Vienna (AS) 26 hours
•  Birmingham - Athens 30 hours
Precise loading and delivery times are accepted as normal (standard) and are respected and acted upon Vehicles are monitored 24 hours per day, 7 days per week 365 days per year.

Security parking Multiple collections and deliveries a speciality As a small company we are able to give absolute assurance of a first class service.
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